Drake Smith


In an observation chamber attached to the advanced medical projects room 07 of Exalt Corporation

“I’m here for a progress report Palmer.”

“Well sir let me introduce you to Adam Smith.”

“Is that the Irish operative from last months debacle?”

“One and the same. It’s a shame we couldn’t get any more of his team though. From the reports they were a well trained group one and all.”

“I’d rather not discuss it, we spent alot of money setting up that decoy, the fact that they pierced the ruse and managed to bypass our real security so easily is… upsetting some of the higher ups.”

“So Palmer tell me where your project is at.”

“Well sir Dr. Yeuh has just finished integrating the Trojan Chip into his other systems, we’re ready to wake him up.”

“Do you believe the Trojan Chip will perform as R&D has projected?”

“No way to tell until we bring him out of it sir. I certainly hope so, the preliminary research showed alot of promise but this here is the real test. If it does work just think of the advantages, trained experienced operatives aplenty. Best yet we profit as our competition is deprived of some of their most valued and valuable assets.”

“Who’s that entering the room now?”

“That’s agent Renfield, he’s been inserted into the programing as someone the subject should trust.”

In the advanced medical projects room 07 of Exalt Corporation

The light is incredibly bright, a blinding white, a man in a lab coat smiles at him. Another man bends over him and speaks, “Hey buddy, welcome back to the world of the living. You had us scarred there for a bit Adam”

Pain… great pain in his head, “Wha… what,” throat parched and dry, “What happened to me…” what is this man’s name, “Joe?”

“Your last mission got real fubared. When your cover was blown by a double agent, they shot you up pretty good but thankfully we got you out.” Joe gives a reassuring smile.

“I… I…” sharp shooting pain, “I think I remember that…”

“Hey Adam don’t go stressing yourself. There’s good news though; now that your covers been blown the higher ups decided to give you a couple of weeks med leave and then they transferred you to my team.” Joe smiles, so lets get you back to your place.

Corporate Manager of Advanced Medical Procedures Office

“What went wrong Palmer and can it be fixed?”

“It was a minor software problem with his implanted memory chip.”

“A Minor… problem, the man took down a full extraction team, that alone cost us dearly, not to mention the property damage and the expenses incurred in keeping the whole debacle quiet. If it hadn’t been for the projects successful missions we would have cut and bailed already, but somebody higher up sees potential in your project Palmer.”

“True the minor problem had some disastrous results, but it was a tiny glitch in the programing, you see the Trojan chip is supposed to reroute his neural pathways whenever he attempts to recall something, i.e. remember anything the programmers forgot to include a timestamped bypass for his new memories however. So he could never remember anything beyond what we implanted.”

“And your point…”

“Well, imagine you can’t remember what you ate for breakfast.”

“That happens to people all the time.”

“Right no big deal, except he couldn’t remember lunch, or dinner, or any new people he met, ever. His synapses started to reroute around the Trojan chip causing psychosis.”

“Wait, so you’re telling me he couldn’t remember what you or I just said? How in the hell did he have five successful missions?”

“Easy, we had been downloading his mission briefs so he always knew what he was doing on the job, it was off the job that was causing the problems. I’ve had the programmers rewrite the code, the problem should be fixed now. Of course we had to create a new identity for him and scrub the old programing out completely so I introduce you to Brian Smith.”

A tall red haired man with a long half healed scar from his right ear to his chin enters the room and stands at parade rest

“Brian Smith reporting as ordered sirs.”

Corporate Manager of Advanced Medical Procedures Office

“God Damnit! Palmer what the hell happened!?”

“I… I don’t know sir.”

“Jesus what am I supposed to tell MY Boss?”

“Programing glitch… Look sir we’ve taken further precautions and added some extra monitoring systems to his chip. Plus we’ve assigned someone to monitor him during his off time. This time we’ll know beforehand if anythings going to happen,”

The other man opens his mouth

“But it won’t happen, we’ve gave the subject a complete wipe and reinstalled fresh, unlike last time where we just rebooted. The programmers went over the code with a fine tooth comb and version Delta will preform flawlessly.”

“It best Palmer, It best…”

Room 147 Sector 5 Exalt Housing Group B-42

Bathed in sweat Drake wakes up screaming, “Kaitlynn!”

Lisa puts a comforting hand on his back, “It’s alright hun.” Her hand rubs his back as his breath heaves, “I’ll get you some water”. Second time this week. As she heads towards the kitchen nook a transmission comes over her implant.

... Abnormal kinetic activity noted in subject report …

She keys up her sub-vocal mic. “Just another shooting.”

... He’s not still having the dreams is he? ...

As Lisa walks back into the room with a glass she sends another message, “No, everything is normal the subject is within parameters”. Then she looks upon the subject, it was supposed to be a simple job, almost like early retirement just watch over him and report any anomalies. She never counted on falling for the subject.


Drake Smith

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