Nathan Court

"I don't get mad. I do my job, I go home, I go to sleep, and I get up the next day. And eventually I make sure that the people that fuck me over get what's coming to them."


Age: 47
Stationed: New York City, RACE Division
Call Sign: Black Fox
Theme: “Electric Worry” by Clutch

Psychological Assessment
Psychologically speaking, Court’s greatest asset to the company is his ability to mentally compartmentalize. He is excellent at filtering out distractions and extraneous information or stimuli, giving him an incredible ability to focus and a moral flexibility that his role in the RACE department requires. One possible note of caution: tests and evaluations seem to indicate that Court would have great difficulty “letting go” of any sort of treachery or betrayal. In short, he is the kind of operative that can be an incredibly valuable asset to the company, so long as he remains loyal. If his loyalty were to be compromised (especially by betrayal, perceived or otherwise), his access to information, weaponry, training, and personnel would make him an extreme risk to corporate security.


[Accessing Security Log…]
[New York Office]
[Desk of Nathan Court]
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COURT: Hey man, you looking for something?

MARKS: Oh, Nate… I, uh, didn’t know you were still in the office.

COURT: Yeah, you know how it is. Taskmaster Alex is cracking that whip. (CHUCKLE)

MARKS: Right, right. Same here.


COURT: … So… did you need something?

MARKS: Oh, right. I was looking for your WorkPad® so I could grab the new Rejuvinox® numbers from you. I had a bug in my computer and I think the data was corrupted.

COURT: Oh shit. Alex doesn’t know about the bug, does he? You know how he gets about that stuff.

MARKS: Nah, he doesn’t know. I have a friend in IT that cleared it up for me but he doesn’t have clearance to see the new numbers, so I couldn’t have him check them for corruption. I was just going to compare your numbers to mine and make sure everything was still the same before I finished up my report.

COURT: Got it. Here, let me load it all up for you.


COURT: Alright, it should be all… what are you doing?

MARKS: I like you, Nate. It’s a shame that you’re working late tonight. Get up.


MARKS: (SIGH) Nate… seriously. Get up or I’m going to shoot you. Probably in the face.

COURT: O-okay… okay…

MARKS: Walk. That way.


[Accessing Security Log…]
[New York Office]
[Office of Alexander Griggs]
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COURT: (PANICKED) You’re going to kill me anyway, aren’t you? Oh God, just let me go, please-

MARKS: Shut up, Nate. (PAUSE, SIGH) Look, it’s nothing personal. It’s just easier for me this way. (PAUSE) I’ll do you one last favor, Nate. Turn around. You don’t want to see this coming.


MARKS: Nate. (ANGRY) Turn. Around.


MARKS: (BREATHING HEAVILY) Nate… Nate, knock it off or…


MARKS: (BREATHING HEAVILY) Fine! Fuck that last favor! Maybe after I’m done here I’ll pay pretty little Beth a visit before-AUGH!





[Accessing Psychiatric Evaluation Log…]
[Office of Dr. Annette Reese]
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REESE: Hello, Nathan.

COURT: Yeah.


REESE: How are you today?

COURT: … Seriously? That’s your opener?

REESE: (PAUSE) Is there any opener that wouldn’t have sounded flat after what you’ve been through, Nathan?

COURT: Point taken.


REESE: Management is concerned for you, Nathan. They are worried that the event a few days ago may be adversely affecting you. Psychologically.

COURT: (LAUGHS) Nobody is concerned. They haven’t had time to be. You’re the first person, except for security, to even talk to me.

REESE: Well, it is standard procedure for-

COURT: Stop. That’s exactly my point. Standard procedure. Let me save us both some time here: I did what had to be done, and it will not negatively impact my job performance.

REESE: (DISBELIEF) … Just like that? Nathan, your life was threatened. You stabbed a man in the throat with a pen, then-

COURT: Then I shot him in the face. That was kind of a fuck-you to him, to be honest. He threatened to do the same to me just a few minutes beforehand. (PAUSE) Pardon my language.


REESE: Well, I must say that your resilience is… surprising. And refreshing. Be that as it may, I’d like to schedule a few more visits with you before you return to work. Again, it’s-

COURT: Yeah, whatever. Standard procedure. That’s fine. The sooner we get through this, the sooner I can get back to work and start collecting my paycheck again.

[Accessing Security Log…]
[New York Office]
[Office of Alexander Griggs]
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GRIGGS: My hands are tied, Nathan.

COURT: What do you mean, your hands are tied? How is this NOT covered in my employee plan?

GRIGGS: The employee plan does not cover procedures that are classified as experimental, Nathan. Unless you change your plan, there’s nothing that can be done.

COURT: (SIGH) Alright then. What do I have to do to change my plan?

GRIGGS: You’d need to either sign a new contract or transfer to a new department. In either case, you would have the chance to negotiate a policy change as part of your new contract.

COURT: (PAUSE) You’ve got to be kidding me.

GRIGGS: I don’t joke at work, Nathan.

COURT: (ANGRILY) This came down from RACE (TRANSCRIPTION NOTE: Risk Assessment Control and Elimination), didn’t it? God dammit Alex, this isn’t right.

GRIGGS: If RACE wants you as a transfer and they are willing to give you the policy that you want, what’s so wrong? It isn’t like they got your boy sick.

COURT: (LONG PAUSE) Fine. Put in the paperwork and tell me what I need to do for this.

GRIGGS: Of course, Nathan. Is there anything else you need?


[01:53:30 Local Time]
[Cairo, Egypt]

“Wake up, Alex.”

Griggs was on the bed, having been asleep. The Egyptian girl in the bed next to him couldn’t have been a day older than fifteen.

She started screaming right about the time Griggs lunged for the pistol that had been on the nightstand.

Nathan already had it, and promptly smashed the pistol’s grip into Griggs’ nose. The man screamed, flailing back onto the bed and holding his bleeding face. The girl rolled out of the far side of the bed and cowered in the corner.

Nathan spun the pistol in his hand, aiming it point-blank into the man’s face. “Where is it, Alex?”

Griggs had always been an office worker. His grab for the gun had been an action of desperation, maybe even a bluff. It didn’t matter anymore, and Nathan didn’t care. Alex was cowed quite effectively, and motioned with one hand to the bureau by the doorway with one hand, still holding his busted nose with the other.

Nate strode across the room and pulled the bureau drawers open one by one until he found what he was looking for: an innocuous-looking brown paper bag containing a data disc and a small, round plastic canister. The Exalt logo was prominent on the canister’s lid, and across the side was the trade name “Rejuvinox.”

Nathan scoffed and stuffed the small bag into his tactical pack, then turned his attention back to Griggs. “You always were stupid. You’re going to die for stealing make-up, you moron.”

“BioKinetica offered me close to a million for one of the test batches! How could I say no?” Griggs stammered.

“BioKinetica should have paid you sooner, or at least sent someone to make sure you didn’t get a bullet in the face.” Nathan glanced at the girl still cowering in the corner, then scowled at Griggs. “You’re a pretty disgusting human being.”

The pistol came up and fired three times, two rounds to the chest and one to the head. The girl screamed.

Nathan eyed the terrified girl for several moments in the dark before striding across the room toward her. He grabbed her right wrist in one hand and pulled her to her feet, then dragged her across the room to the buruea. He then forced the pistol into her hand, and without giving her time to process what he was doing he twisted her own arm around, jammed the pistol under her chin, and pulled the trigger.

The whole thing had taken less than a minute, from the time he’d picked the lock on the front door to standing in a dark Cairo hotel room with two corpses.

“Control, this is Black Fox. I have the package. Two sleepers, one is the principle. No other witnesses, this should wash clean. Proceeding to Exfil alpha.”

Nathan Court

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